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Thread: Filming ice hockey - any suggestions for a good budget camcorder?

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    Default Filming ice hockey - any suggestions for a good budget camcorder?

    I am looking to replace an ageing DV tape camcorder and would be grateful for your suggestions.

    The prime requirement for the new camcorder is to shoot ice hockey and inline roller hockey matches. There is very little zooming involved - mostly I am just panning with the action. The challenges are the fast-moving nature of the game, the poor lighting in many rinks and the fact that there is a lot of white with the ice and the boards.

    My current camcorder gives OK results, but the colours all seem washed out and the action is a bit blurry.

    What I want is something that will pan with the action without being blurry and will make the colours stand out and be vibrant against the white background even in lighting that can be poor and even variable over the rink.

    In an ideal world I would be looking for a max spend of around 300 - 400, but am open to suggestions if there is a compelling reason to go higher. I do not need a hard-disk in the camera as we are awash with SD cards at home!

    I'm not sure what sort of software these camcorders come with, but if there was anything that enabled slow-motion replays without me having to become a full-on VT technician then that would be a distinct plus.

    I am brand-agnostic and look forward to any suggestions of possible candidate camcorders.

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    Something like the Panasonic HDC-TM60 is in your price range and should do all you ask.

    As for software I would recommend Sony Vegas Movie Studio. Once you get a handle on the basics it's quite easy to produce nice videos and it's easy to slow down the video with it.
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    Thank you for such a quick reply. The Panasonic HTC SD60 is on my short-list and thanks for the tip on the software.

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