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Thread: Capture dvd from stand-alone recorder?

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    Default Capture dvd from stand-alone recorder?

    Hi all.

    Site is great. Only been a member for a few hours, & learnt stacks already!

    Have been experimenting with a borrowed standalone dvd recorder. I would like to copy over a lot of old vhs to dvd disc (+, -, RW....I don't know what would be best) and then import to the pc for editing - maybe using Ulead software. This would be basic 'advert removal' type editing, nothing fancy yet.

    Is it possible for me to 'rip' these recorded dvds using DVDDecrypter (as with any other dvd), and edit the resulting files without further conversion? (Quality of the recorded shows is spot on - especially at the HQ setting. It would be a shame to have to convert it to any 'lossy' format).

    Thanks in advance

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    Wow. Looks like the perfect job. Thanks a lot.

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    Would I be right in assuming that in order to capture the video from the DVD-R or RW, then the disc would need to be finalised?

    Anyone know if there is a way of capturing video without finalising the disc?

    Just being a skinflint and wanting to re-use my DVD-RWs!

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    If it's a DVD-RW, then it's rewritable... and there's your answer!

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    Default Capturing dvd

    I have moved on leaps and bounds since my last posting. Experimented with Ulead software. DVD moviefactory will allow capture from any dvd source - both R and RW. Unfortunately it wouldn't author properly & suffered severe synch problems on the finished DVD. The patches...etc. to fix weren't worth the effort.

    Since then, have bought a copy of Roxio Easy Media Creator. Will rip any dvd (but not copyrighted material), creating one mega mpeg. Allows editing, menu setups...etc. Sometimes takes quite a while to encode to finished dvd (even though I'm running a pretty high spec machine). Having said that, have transferred vhs material to ten dvds so far - not one coaster. Am more than happy with the finished article.

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