Hello, recently I did something STUPID and unspeakable... I am literally slapping my self for what I did! ... Anyways, today I decided to clean my Sony Pd-150 camera with a DAMP cloth, I tried to make it as dry as possible. Well I begin to clean around the camera and then reached the focus and zoom rings (BAD IDEA). I cleaned them and dried them... Well after that I wanted to clean my lens (I was going to use a professional lens cleaning kit) and I noticed small bubbles INSIDE the main lens of the camera!!!!!! So I just stared at it and almost collapsed from what I saw... PLEASE help me. I dont know what to do! Should I leave it in the sun and let it dry!?!?! Or is my camera *gulp* dead. I can't send it to any camera repair shop because where I live that is almost impossible being that I am not located within the US. I really have no clue what to do! This is killing me! Please any help would greatly be appreciated!