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    This is the trailer for a short we shot a year or so ago. The script started out as a full feature, and reality kicked in and it became an extended scene more than anything else.

    In fact, I think the trailer became more 'gripping' than the finished short. Oh well, live and learn...

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    When I saw this trailer on YouTube I was looking for the finished piece and found a load more trailers on your website but sadly not the full movies.

    As for this trailer it almost goes without saying it's very good. The one thing I would comment on was the shot at 0:38 the lighting seemed out of sync. and to bright, with the rest of the video.

    Apart from that it's excellent.

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    Great trailer, I particularly love the redhead at 00:28

    (sorry, couldn't resist it)

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    Yes, the red head did sneak in there, all 800 watts of it! Again, live and learn.

    Blue, we are looking at getting some of our full shorts up on youtube as well. Just waiting for our editor to adjust the file format for uploading. Hopefully, Outer Realms, Checking In and Famous Last Words will be up within a month.

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    Nice job at creating anticipation.
    My only criticism was I felt it lacked a bit of aural depth. Maybe some nat sound (especially the feet "clickk clacking") from the church. I'm sure you considered this and just wonder why you decided against.
    It just felt a little "flat" without.

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    Default sound FX

    Cheers for that Tim.
    The reason we didn't use a soundtrack, ambient or foley, for any of the trailer, was that the VO and music would carry the tone.

    If we used it for the footsteps for example, it would have been conspicuous that it didn't feature anywhere else in the trailer.

    The voice, the music, the setting set ups the first section, then the change in music, change in pace - rapid cuts - filled in the pay off. Well, that was the plan.

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