I am trying to recreate a Dallas opening sequence - type project but having difficulty. I am using premiere pro cs4. The following clips are examples.


the 3 clips are the same, being 6 seconds long, they have been cropped to 25% R and 25% left. I then used the 'transform - roll' video effect with initial vertical postion -338 end position 2168. All 3 clips have these parameters. All other parameters are default. Video 2 starts at 1 sec 15 frames into the project, video 3 starts at 3 secs 4 frames into the project

Now when I susbstitute video 2 for a different clip (as I want different clips rolling across the screen) this is what happens - clip 2 overtakes clip 1 then reappears at the end. The new clip is the same time length 6 seconds and all other parameters are as above. It has been directly subsituted for video 2 in the above example

I want to understand what is happening, is it an artifact of the transform - roll video effect.

Or is there an easier way to recreate this footage?