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    Hey guys,

    I used power director ultra studio to make this movie. I don't own any of this devices at all.

    This is a short clip of battle between latest technology devices. It is action packed funny battle between Ipad , Iphone and Droid. Iphone gets shot by 9mm gun. Take a look to find out what is looks like. There is only one winner in this battle, find out who...

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    What was the film the stealth jets are from?

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    they are from a droid commercial called stealth bomber.

    but what do you think about the video, i know it sucks really bad. But i was wondering what is it missing ? like a pause in the conversation, better soundtrack , better script ?

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    I hate to sound cruel, but was there a script? It just seems all very disjointed with no aim/goal? What is the message you're trying to put across here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by don86 View Post
    but what do you think about the video, i know it sucks really bad. But i was wondering what is it missing ?
    You first. Why do "you" think it sucks?

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    I think it sucks because first it is very random, makes no sense, you can't hear droid and long. This was a group project for a class at my college, idea was iphone get shot by droid and ipad comes to win the battle. We had very funny script with like 4 scenes back and forth between iphone and droid but couple of idiot members, didn't like the scenes or script, so we end up with this. I still don't understand why iphone would say what are you doing here instead of anything.

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    our initial was to have battle between iphone and droid but with different movie themes like start with 300, then lord of the rings , transformers and etc.. like with 300 iphone would have spear, sword with 300's background music and one scene from the movie but i'm the only person who knows how to use photoshop in my group, even though in the current video there wasn't much photoshoping done.

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    Don86's explanation was helpful. Arranging and managing a team is not always easy.
    It would be unfair for me to be critical. Clearly alot of time and effort went into the production. Congratulations. The video tells a story and contains lots of clips.

    However. I think that almost every aspect of the video could be improved. For example:

    1) Time. It lasts 3 mins. With some more editing, the story could be told faster. Perhaps 2 mins.

    2) Audio conversation between the devices. I could hear the joins between the audio clips. e.g. there is background hiss on one Device which abruptly ends.
    Try mixing it so the clips overlap a bit; or use some kind of mixing to make the transitions less perceptable.

    3) The aircraft looked cool, but you really only needed 2 seconds of them to know what was happening.

    I look forward to seeing future works from don86; and I shall be expecting something very much better.

    Thanks for posting it.

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