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    Default slow motion to normal speed

    I'll try to explain this as best as I can...

    I have a video which a friend recorded with Fraps, he said he used some external program to slow the actual speed of the game down quite a bit (since the game has no command console or anything) but there are parts where I wanted to make it play at normal speed...I do not know what the "normal" playback speed should be for the video, When I try speeding it up by holding control and dragging the video over I noticed while it looks OK you can clearly tell it isn't playing back as fast as normal would be, there are things in the video that actually look like they are still slowed down.

    Windows says the frame rate of the video is 60 (his Fraps was set to 60) but my friend said he is 100% positive when he was recording the Fraps counter was recording at 200fps, I know the limit is 100 but a Fraps video recorded at 100fps isn't slow at all, It's like he filmed the game with a high speed camera or something

    I asked him to go load his game up, he went in and recorded a ~3 minutes 31 second clip, recorded it normally and the frames (according to virtual dub) were around 12,000 yet when slowing it down and recording the total frames are 20,000, this is the exact same piece of footage give or take 1 second...the time difference is: normal=~3:31 and slow=~5:45.

    It kind of sounds like a game problem or something but surely there is a way to make this apparent 200fps video playback at normal speed and look normal isn't there?

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    Another way to speed up the clip is to right click it and select properties. At the bottom of this properties box is the speed adjustment. It sounds like you need to increase the speed by around 300% to get it to play normally.

    I've forgotten what the max increase is in Vegas. If you can't do it in one go the only way I can think to do it is increase as much as you can then render the clip and place this new clip in the place of the old one and then speed that up some more as needed.

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    You can speed up by 4X in the properties plus 3X using the velocity envelope. So 7X in all. If you need faster, do what MB sez.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archie View Post
    You can speed up by 4X in the properties plus 3X using the velocity envelope. So 7X in all. If you need faster, do what MB sez.
    Being pedantic (and for the sake of accuracy) it works out at 12 times because you multiply the 4 x 3. (A clip speeded up by 4 times, then speeded up by 3 is a multiplication, not an addition)

    And halfempty - unless you've got Vegas Pro (you don't specify), don't waste time looking for velocity envelopes - the Movie Studio versions don't have it.

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    Well you learn something every day Tim! Didn't realise that the velocity X the properties not + it.

    Went back and revisited this tutorial for anyone that's interested. Must have missed (or at my age more likely forgotten) the bit about properties X Velocity.

    Sony Creative Software - Controlling Velocity in Vegas Pro
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