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    newbie here so go easy!

    I've recently started to film a couple of mates in a band and we're having problems getting decent sound quality.

    I filmed a gig on sat and the sound levels jumped up and down, I used an external mic plugged into my camera.
    Any ideas on the best way of doing it? I have thought about trying to plug into the mixing desk at the back, but then I either have to have a long cable or have to film from the back of the room(depending on the venue)

    I have an Canon HF100 camera and I edit on a macbook using imovie.

    Thanks in advance

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    I would recommend going through the mixer but you don't have to record directly on to the camera. If you use a separate digital recording device you are free to move around with the camera unrestricted by cables.

    Now you have a video with rubbish sound and a sound track with no visuals. These are easily put together in you editing program. Just put the video track into the program. Delete the audio from it as it's not needed.

    Then add the audio track that you recorded from the mixing desk. The only tricky part will be lining up the two track. This can be done with a visual and audible cue at the beginning of the shoot. Pros. use a clapper board but this cue could be anything like clapping your hands in front of the camera or similar.

    Hope this helps.

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    Cool, I'll give it a whirl.


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