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    Hi! I'm having trouble with my Sony Vegas 9.0. I'm new to the forum, so excuse me if I break any rules or anything.

    I have a video of me walking from one end of my room to another. I put my camera onto a tripod and the background is relatively still.
    My goal is to overlay the video so that it looks like there are multiple "me's" coming out of the door in a single file line.

    I imported my video and put it into 7 different video tracks. I then went to composing mode and put each of them into "SCREEN". However, when I did this, I my body was, in all 7 cases, transparent. And as more videos overlayed them, they became even more transparent until I could barely see myself.

    Basically, I'm trying to see if I can overlay multiple video tracks and have the moving parts stay without becoming transparent when the background is still.

    Can anyone help?

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    I forgot to add my product. I'm using Sony Vegas Pro 9.0

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    You have "jumped-in" at one of the most complex treatments you can do with Vegas. But hey - why not?!?

    Yes you are correct, in as much as any amount of additional Tracks you will need to make one track superior to the other. What you need/want to do is to make the "static" background TRANSPARENT for each of your "walk-throughs" and have a static shot of your background on the lowest Track.

    To do this what one could do is erect a Green or Blue screen and "key-out" the Blue or Green on the Vegas Timeline. But not having this material there is another way in Vegas to do this and in essence what happens is Vegas compares pixels that DON'T change from walk-through to walk-through (your bedroom background) and make them invisible with those that DO change, and make just those visible. VEgas needs to register the difference between each track/shot, and this process is called "Differencing" and there is a Composite function within Vegas that can do this - "Difference".

    So what this does is remove the unchanged pixels - your bedroom background - but keep those pixels that are constantly changing - your walk-through - and leave them on screen. Simples!

    What this all depends on is that your bedroom BG lighting does not change when you walk-through and that any differential shadows cast are either not seen or are consistent/the same on each walk-through.

    OK - here is a great tutorial that explains the complexity and uses examples as to how you execute this. What you will be doing is adding more and more tracks that account for your "Walk-Throughs": Difference Masking-Unmasked in Sony Vegas Software

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    That is very good info Grazie. Thanks very much.

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    Thanks, Grazie for the reply. I don't own a blue/green screen, so I will have to use the masking technique.

    I'll try this later, though from trying to analyze your tip, I see one problem. What I take out of this is that when you use the "difference" mode, it seems that, from what you're saying, is that it removes the unchanged pixels and keeps the moving ones. If this is true, then when I stack the difference tracks, wouldn't it still become transparent? Because all it is is removing the background, but its still tracks stacked up upon another, which is the initial problem I'm having in the first place.

    Am I missing a step or is there something else to it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spaceguru95 View Post
    If this is true, . ..
    Which it most certainly is . . . .

    Quote Originally Posted by Spaceguru95 View Post
    . . then when I stack the difference tracks, wouldn't it still become transparent?
    Correct, it will. Sooooo... what do you think you need to do?

    Quote Originally Posted by Spaceguru95 View Post
    Because all it is is removing the background,
    Correct. But not "all". You now have control over the Tracks of Alpha-ed Media AND (wink) about that what you want to have as your background . . . Big Ben, The White House, The Eiffel Tower . . is the penny dropping yet?

    Quote Originally Posted by Spaceguru95 View Post
    Am I missing a step or is there something else to it?
    I have left out nothing if you read my analysis and took my advice and downloaded and studied that source material I pointed you towards.

    A further clue?: You now have control of the tracks and what you decide to have as your background. (I can hear the small change tumbling . . . )

    NB: Having just read what I wrote, the clue is not just a clue - I have been quite explicit too!
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