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Thread: Tapes from one camera to another?

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    Default Tapes from one camera to another?

    G'day everyone! Cool forum!

    I am after a bit of help, i will say i am quite fresh to the technical part of camera and my knowledge is quite limited.


    I have just bought myself a Sony HVR-A1 after owning a SOny HDRHC7 for a couple of years.

    Now, i have a bit of video (on tape) from the HC7 that i now want to put onto my new apple. When i put the tape that was recoded from my HC7 into my A1 it doesnt play. If i fast forward it comes up but on normal speed nothing happens.

    Can someone explain to me why?
    and is there a way around this?



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    Like you I am not an expert in these matters.

    I am presuming other tapes recorded on the HVR-A1 run ok and that the old tape recorded on the HDRHC7 plays on that camera.

    I think your problem could be either a dirty tape head on the new camera or a dirty tape head on the old camera causing a bad recording. BUT the most likely thing is a tracking problem. IE. If the tape heads are not seeing the tape on the same position from each camera. Not that there is a particular problem with either camera just the heads are not quite in the same position. This can be more of an issue if the transport system on the tape is not very good.

    One thing to try is fully forward wind the tape to the end and then fully rewind it to the beginning of the tape this can settle the problem but doesn't always work.

    Hope this helps.

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