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Thread: Premiere CS4 Soften the edges

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    Hello good friends
    Does anybody know how to soften the lines from a clip
    Here is what I did

    I resized a video clip to fit inside a ripped page

    I was wondering if anybody knows what to do to make the kinda blend in the clip with ripped page, basically soften the edges of the video clip like feather look or something

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    Whomever you are i luv you man....
    God bless you...
    I was stuck with this problem since last three days, and I was struggling like a dog.
    Now my Problem is SOLVED

    Thanks again brother......

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    Yeah very true
    Actually I work with both AE and PPro
    I find Premiere more easier to work with , so I do most of my stuff with Premiere, but sometimes I wanna do more than just editing, then I use AE, but of course it takes much longer to do more powerful stuff in AE.
    I am still learning though , there are so many things to learn in both.

    Another question if you can help
    Have you worked with "Time Remapping" feature before
    I had a clip , which was about 20 second long , basically a girl is walking at the beach and she is walking towards camera, Now I wanted to use "Time Remapping" to make her reach the camera in 1 or 2 seconds.
    I went to Effect control and selected "Time Remapping" and used the bar on the right to increase the speed , I increased it to max (1000%) but still not fast enough
    Her distance from the camera is about 150 feet .
    Thanks .

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    Thanks , yeah I've heard of the plugin "TimeWrap" I think I am gonna do a little research on that and probably use it !!

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