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Thread: magix video deLuxe 2005 good?

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    Default magix video deLuxe 2005 good?

    need some buy-advices. i need a videosoftware and i am not quite sure which program i should get. my buddies tell me to get the magix program it is called magix video deluxe 2005. i cannot effort the more expenisve ones so u got any clues for me? i am asking and asking and people cannot really help me... hope from help from YOOOU *ggg*

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    Looks like a fairly generic editing application. Also consider Pure Motion Edit studio at a similar price point.

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    Very good product. Superior to Studio (even the Plus version), and other editors at the same price.

    Some users have 'downgraded' from Premier and prefer some of the features in MEP.


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    There is a downloadable demo version here why not give it a tryout before you decide

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