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Thread: Sony Vegas Pro 9: Importing video question.

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    Question Sony Vegas Pro 9: Importing video question.

    I am using Sony Vegas Pro 9.

    For example, Say my project setting is a 50x50 vid.

    Now say I import a 25x25 vid. It will show a vid half the size in the preview part.

    NOW say I import a 75x75 vid. Here is my question and problem:

    Vegas resizes the 75x75 vid to fit within the 50x50 project settings. I don't want it to do that. I want to be able to import the 75x75 vid *AS* a 75x75 vid with it's full resolution intact. When it resizes the 75x75 vid to a 50x50 vid, it affects the resolution to crappy.

    Maybe I don't understand how something is supposed to work as I am self teaching this program to me. Can someone plz clarify this for me.
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    I setup my project to reflect my video.

    If my Video is PAL I set my Project to PAL. Why would I set it to NTSC if my footage is PAL?

    I also had an odd MJPEG Project I worked on and completed. I matched the Project settings to that content. When I was done, I then Rendered out to PAL MPEG2 for DVD for delivery to an LCD. What is the advantage in setting a project up that doesn't reflect the content? Tell me? - Seriously, I want to know?

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    I don't think you get what I'm trying to do here.

    I have this project I gotta do. My files given were directly from a camcorder. It didn't want to play on my system for some reason and anyways it was too large for my poor system to handle, SO, I converted and resized it down to 720x480. THAT is the final dimensions I want my video to be. It's not meant to conform to any standardized dimensions for a TV or anything. Just the dimensions I chose.

    Anyways, I figured that I was supposed to set this dimension into the Project Video Properties, correct?

    So I'm editing along and I found myself in need of another video file. I aquire this video file, yet it is much bigger than 720x480. It is 1280x720. It's much wider than what I'm currently working with.

    My objective was to import this oversized video into my project with the ability to manipulate said video by panning and zooming as needed with it's full resolution intact.

    For example, say you open up a PDF file and you used the Loupe magnification thing. The single page would represent the oversized video and the Window of the zoomed Loupe's contents represent my project width and heigth. I can move the Loupe around the PDF page wherever I want and I still have full resolution. Now if I had resized the PDF page to fit within the Loupe's dimensions, I drastically reduce the size and resolution of the page therefore not allowing me as much freedom to move the video around my project dimensions.

    Did I say that right? I hope I was clear of my intentions. Is this do-able?

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    Your comparison with PDF technology doesn't happen in Vegas. However, now I understand WHAT you want to do by your use of the PDF example. But that's not how I understand how Vegas deals with these matters.

    Here is an example in how I get what I think you are after:

    I have 4x3 PAL project - SD 720x576 pixels

    I import a STILL of 3457x1944 pixels - as per your larger format video, this is also wider than high than the 4x3 existing project

    If I place this STILL on the Timeline Vegas tries to force the WIDTH into the 720. So I get a "letterbox" - black bars above and below.

    If I don't want that, but would rather the full HEIGHT, I have to apply the 4x3 Pan/Crop Template to it. I now get the STILL filling ALL the height ( that's 1944 pixels stuffed into a 576 pixel height Project) and I can now LEFT<>RIGHT pan across the face of the large STILL. I should have full resolution going left<>right.

    Is this what you are doing? If not, see if my approach gets you what you want?

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    What Grazie is saying is right video images are deal with the same as a raster images but pdf's are vector images. See explanation HERE. If you follow his expert advice you may be pleased with the results.

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    Ok, Grazie, so by default, Vegas basically zooms out on the larger STILL/VID instead of resizes, right? What Vegas is doing to me is not destroying any quality to the source still/vid? In your example, all I'd have to do is use pan/crop on the still and zoomout to 3457x1944 pixels and the still will be the same quality as the source even though the vid is showing only a fraction of the still?

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    Just ask one question - please. I have confused myself reading all the questions you now wrote.

    If s/w re-sizes it either ADDS pixels - look at any decent Graphics editor - or it uses the SAME amount of pixels and spreads them thinner and we loose resolution. It is either one or the other.

    The resolution you have behind should remain the same. The ONLY time you will start to loose reso is when you zoom-in too far. But I bet you realise that?

    Use the Pan/Crop tool and Match Aspect. Pan away and you should be fine. Zooming in and you WILL start to loose reso.

    Vegas will, by default, attempt to fit ALL the image in. And in this example it is attempting to fit the WIDE part in - hence the letterbox look.
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