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Thread: black screen while editing

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    Default black screen while editing

    Been working all day with editing this movie, and I was almost finished when I accidentally did something that made sony vegas think everything was an audio-file or something, because it refuses to show the movie in the movie monitor even though the movie still lies on timeline. I'm quite new with Sony vegas but anyway, it looks like this;

    While playing the "movie" I can only hear the audio. And when I zoom in I can see some parts looking like this;

    What happened??? Is everything lost or is there some way to fix this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nellie414 View Post
    What happened??? Is everything lost or is there some way to fix this?
    - It'll cost yah!!! BIG TIME!!

    Oh alright then . . You've MUTED the Video track! See the Track Header "Mute" Icon it's active/depressed - depressed . . . ironic huh? - Just click on it again.

    Been there, done that . . . still doing it . ..

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    haha! how simple. thank you VERY much

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