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    So ive done a few wedding so far, but they were mostly for friends of a friend etc and i only charged to cover costs etc, but now i want to move up into the more serious side of things i just have one question...

    How do you cover yourself if in the unlikely event the footage does not come out well or the sound is rubbish? obviously clients are not going to pay for a shoddy video..

    is it simply a case of if you dont want it you dont pay for it?

    any advise would be great.

    i have confidence in my filming abilities i just want to cover all angles incase the worst does happen!

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    Personally I've filmed over 400 weddings and apart from 1 (ceremony) tape not recording and a glitch on 1 evening tape, every wedding production has been great. Having 2nd cams on every wedding also saved a total loss of any scenes.

    Having said that, I always prepare clients for the worst case scenario anyway. Every piece of electronic equipment in the world can fail, wether it's brand new, or in regular use. It's rarely happened to us, but it could happen tomorrow.

    I compare it to wanting to watch something like the world cup final and to make sure you don't miss it, you buy 2 brand new TVs. There's no guarantee that when these are switched on on the day either will work. That's electronics for you.

    A good contract, verified by your insurance company helps, and you should also have a professional indemnity policy in case nothing at all is filmed and the client's insurance company sues for damages/restaging of the wedding.

    Since the 1st tape failed I have always used back up, in our case Firestores recording to hard drive as well as tape.
    Hope this helps in your battle plan
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