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    I'm pretty new here, although i've been lurking around for quite a while now.
    I recently made my first music video, of a track of a friend of mines.
    Could you tell me what i did wrong?
    Keep in mind i'm just getting started and have the objective to learn from my mistakes!


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    First of all well done for having a go. There are a few things which is not to my taste, this may be different to others it's just my personal taste. I didn't like the jump cuts at the beginning. When you are filming as well as framing your subject, think about what's visible in the back ground, and ask yourself if it's suitable for the context of the shoot.

    The last thing is, unless you do it intentionally for artistic or stylised reasons, try not to chop off the top of your subjects head.

    On the positive side, you managed get a good performance out of your artist. He even did pretty god job of the lip sync. This is a very positive point in a music video.

    Thanks for posting.

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    Hey Midnight Blue

    Thanks for your reply!
    As i mentioned it's just something experimental to try out and to get pointers on what to do better. So thanks allot for your constructive feedback!
    I will definately be doing more music videos, simply because i like doing it and want to grow doing so.
    More feedback is always welcome


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    I hope I did help. I'm usually ok at spotting that something don't work but not always spotting exactly why. There was things that was right about it as well.

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    I suspect the sunny day caused the big shadows on the singer's face. I am not sure of the cheapest way to avoid them. I guess pros use large, portable reflecting boards.

    If you can give more details of the cam used, perhaps someone might offer better advice.

    I look forward to seeing future works.

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    Hey thanks for your response Tim,

    I am aware of the bad lighting as somebody on another forum has already pointed that out to me.

    I am using a canon legria hf s10, although i don't really understand how this could help other people to help me more?

    Once again thanks for your input!


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    Sorry Peter, did noy mean to confuse. I was wondering if you had any plans on how to cope with that kind if lighting, if you were to do it again. Then I though perhaps the cam itself might have some kind of adjustment which would help in those circumstances.

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    Oh I get it now
    I don't think i'll be shooting a video in that kind of sun any moment soon.
    But as you said, in a while I will probably get some kind of reflector to get rid of the shadow. Thanks for you interest.


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    Default My First Videos

    [link deleted]

    these are some of my first videos im still getting used to the effects side
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    Quote Originally Posted by smithymx67 View Post
    [Link Deleted]
    these are some of my first videos im still getting used to the effects side
    1. This is a thread for critiquing someone else's film. Unless your film is relevant to that subject please do not post it in this thread.

    2. If you want criticism of your own film then please post it in it's own thread.

    3. One film per thread please otherwise confusion reigns.

    4. Please do not post channels in this section (as this clearly contradicts the one film per thread policy)

    These are not just mindless rules for the sake of it. These are designed so that people can get the best out of this section of the forum. This is all clearly laid out at the top of this section.


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