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Thread: Copying vhs to dvd or cd

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    Default Copying vhs to dvd or cd

    I have numerous films on vhs tapes.I want to transfer them on to either cd or dvd.As I am a total idiot as regards this can someone tell what I require to do this.My computer is a Mesh 2.8......1024mb Ram.....800gb HDD.Just the basic routine and advice on what software,if any,I will require,will suffice.
    Thank you all
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    If you're a complete noob and don't want to edit, the best advice I could offer you is to buy a standalone DVD recorder and record straight to that.

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    1. You'll need an analog to digital capture card. There are many on the market, ranging all the way up from around 15 from Leadtek (allegedly) to 100 and more.

    2. You'll need to hook your VCR to this capture card. Most capture cards want red and white cables for sound, yellow for video. If your VCR doesn't have the option of doing this, but has a SCART out socket, you can get a converter. Alternatively, connect via S-video.

    3. You'll need a piece of software for capturing and editing video: take a look at Adobe Premiere Elements - available for well under 50.

    4. You'll need a DVD writer drive: good ones are now less than 50.

    5. You'll need a piece of software for authoring DVDs. Not sure what's cheap - Adobe Encore does a great job, but is horrendously expensive.

    And that's it - piece of p**s really...
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