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Thread: Opinions on my new web promo?

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    Default Opinions on my new web promo?

    Hi again folks, just thought I'd pop in and pimp a link for my newest Wedding Video Showreel -

    I'm hoping to do very occasional weddings on a word of mouth basis, so not doing a huge amount of publicity. The main problem I have is that the first few weddings I did, I did them as a favour and with no intention of ever becoming a "real" videographer. So unfortunately the quality of my earlier work isnt what I would expect of a professional, and I think only in my last wedding did I really get it together when it comes to the actual composition of shots, lighting etc.. So I guess my question is, does the amatuer in me show too much in this showreel, and is it OK for a quick whistlestop tour of my recent projects?

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    I'm not a wedding videographer. I have no experience of producing wedding videos, so please bear that in mind when you read this. I thought some of your footage was ok but some showed weaker elements like you said.

    If I was producing a show reel I wouldn't include the weaker parts in it. For a show reel I would only include my very best shots even if that meant only having one wedding in it. I don't think, when you have a scarcity of wedding to pull from, there is anything wrong in presenting a "sample of my last wedding". You can always add to it later when you get more footage that you know is good enough.

    Some examples of shots I would take out are 1:31 where you cut out one of the brides maids. At 1:56 the image quality of the silly dance is just not very good. In fact a lot of the reception footage is weaker than the church footage, I'm sure it's due to lighting but if it's not up to standard I wouldn't put it in.

    Remember this is just my opinion, based on zero experience.

    Hope this helps.

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    Never have your opening graphics better then your video, it sets the bar high only to be let down when the video starts.

    Some of the shots look from (58") as they are from a different camera and so the white balance and contrast are different., otherwise , OK , the norm.

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