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    I have the jpeg sequence from USB camera of the microscope. It consists of 5-6 thousand frames. Each file (frame) has the precisely (with the accuracy of milliseconds) defined time of its shooting. I want to make the video from this sequence and I want each frame to be displayed for the period of time passing between the adjacent frames. This period of time (between shots) changes from frame to frame, so I can't use simple FPS setting. All things considered, I have, say, the row of time-periods of displaying frames and the row of frames, and I want to combine them in a video. Of course, I can't manually place 6 thousand frames. Maybe there is a program or a special tool to perform such task. What would you advise?

    Thank you.

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    Well I can see how you can get then onto the time line easy enough but if the frames need to be different durations I can't think of a way to do that automatically. I can only think that you have to set the duration for the majority of the clips and then manually change the others.

    I hope someone has a better idea than me.

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    It may be difficult to get ms accuracy (unless one intends to playback the movie at 1,000 fps!). At 30fps, about 33ms elapse between frames.

    Although alot sw can make the movie, they assume the same fps is required - and, as MB says; require manual changing.

    Adobe Premiere would be able to do, but it's implementation of the EDLs (Edit Decision Lists) is incomplete. It can add placeholders for the frames; but can't attach the media. Leaving it to the user to manually move each JPG to the relevant placeholder.

    Adobe's After Effects can be used to produce the movie. But it is a hellish expensive program and would require learning the scripting language.

    Can I assume Ramz has a list (spreadsheet) of the image filenames and their required start times? Although there may be some cheap utility which can make the movie; it is highly likely the data must be converted first.

    Whether Ramz is successful or not, I would love to know how it can be done.

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