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Thread: Music video rap (Please comment)

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    Default Music video rap (Please comment)

    Hello! Please comment on my first music video.

    ("Oskarka - I'll wait for you")

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    Very good for your first music video. Are you the film maker or the artist ?

    Some nice ideas well executed. Nice looking shots. Would have been nice to have seen more of the different locations. ie sat in the snow shot would have been nice to see the talent walking around etc.

    Good job.

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    Thank you for your comment. I'm the film maker.

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    I was wondering what camera and lens you used to get that look.

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    Sony HDR-SR12E
    Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* 1,8/4,9-58,8

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    Ok I'm even more impressed you did this with a consumer level camcorder (a very nice one) with a standard lens. Did you process the image with some sort of film FX or colour correction to get that look you got ?

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    Excuse me, what film FX.
    I used color correction in Adobe Premier CS3

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    There are some plug-ins which "create a film look" I just wondered if you had used one.

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    I will definitely use it in the next clip

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