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Thread: XLR to Mini Jack Sony FX1

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    Default XLR to Mini Jack Sony FX1

    I've a sony hdr fx1 and I've been just made aware of this whole XLR problem. So, my question, what is the best adapter I have to buy and what's the problem with phantom. I hear that a minijack output cannot supply power to the outside recorder and you have to buy some kind of xlr adapter, which can store power through batteries or something else of some sort.

    Thanks for reading anyway

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    I think your talking about something like THIS. I'm not saying this is the best one to get but it's a start for you. I've never used one and don't know anything about them except the basic function.

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    Oh, yeah. It seems kinda big. Won't it be kind of an obstacle, while filming. I know, you haven't used it, but that seems kind of big. And I've heard that a good adapter of this kind is usually in the 300 price range. I mean, I'm really happy that this isn't, but I'm a bit skeptical. But also, this won't make any harsh sounds due to accidental chafing, will it?

    Anyway, thanks for the suggestion.

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    With that particular model you screw it to the bottom of the camera so it's not in the way. The guy who makes this model has a YouTube channel with some good audio/mic reviews might be worth a little look he has one that explains the build quality of his device comparing it to more expensive ones.

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