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Thread: Next camcorder purchase?

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    Default Next camcorder purchase?

    Hi guys

    Hope someone can give me a reccomendation or two!!

    I have had my trusty Sony DCR-HC35E for a good 5 years now which was my first camcorder.

    I am now looking at purchasing something a little more upbeat.

    Basically I film powerboat racing meetings for two teams websites and sometimes the circuits are a good distance from the waters edge so would love to find a camcorder with good zoom and very good image stabilization (is there such a camcorder).

    Am also looking at going HD in the not so distant future.

    Any reccomendations

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    Smile HDR-XR520v

    Well, you didn't give any sort of budget, but I HIGHLY recommend the Sony HDR-XR520v. Street price ranges from $1200 - $1900, and you can get a used one for under $1000. Check Amazon. It has an AMAZING stabilization and the low light capabilities are incredible. I'm a pro with $100K into cameras alone, and Sony's HDR-XR520v is the one I take for remote documentaries when I travel. The HD image is nearly as good as my $10,000 JVC, and the color is accurate.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the response.

    I am from the UK so probably looking at spending £800.

    What sort of software would i need. I currently use Pinnacle Studio 12, so may have to look into buying a different software package to edit.

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    Well, Canon invented image stabilisation and, IMHO, are the best at it. However, if you are shooting from the waterfront you should be on a tripod and not need stabilisation!

    Canon do an HF200 which is small but with a good zoom range and 24mbs recording in HD and will set you back around the £500 mark (possibly cheaper) and leave you a bit for both a decent editing program (I've just gone over to Vegas Platinum and find it good for the purpose) and possibly a decent 2x converter for the camera if the distance is still a problem.

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    Canon is DEFINITELY good at it. I have the HF200, as well, and while it IS good, the Sony seems better with bigger movement. The Sony also has more saturated color in low light with less noise. I'd be partial to the Canon for budget, and if I didn't own both, I'd prefer the Canon for reliability and reputation. The Canon has better glass, the Sony has better electronics.

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