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Thread: Best rendering format from Vegas to retain quality?

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    Default Best rendering format from Vegas to retain quality?


    I have some miniDV video which I have "captured" via Vegas. Apparently its format is:

    Container: AVI
    - Bitrate : 29Mbps
    - Duration: 323 secs
    - Size 1153MB
    - Overhead:0.2%
    Video (0) : Digital Video
    - Bitrate: 28 Mbps
    - Resolution: 720x576
    - Frame Rate: 25.00 FPS
    - Scan: Interlaced BFF
    Audio (0): PCM
    - Bitrate: 1024.0 Kbps
    - Sample Rate: 32000 Hz
    - Channel: 2

    Now this is from an old Sharp PD6 ViewCam (800,000 pixels), but my testing on a fountain returned some very pleasant and surprising results when used with a tripod. Nice flow and contrast when viewed directly in Windows Media Player. However whenever I render it after an edit in Sony Vegas (I am trialling Pro 9) I always loose quality. The best variation so far is WMV with CBR Video on sharpest quality.... but even then the contrast seems blander than the original.

    So what rendering approach is recommended to retain maximum quality. I guess the question is about codecs etc. ?

    As a seperate issue the video will end up on the web as H264 Flash most likely via:

    1) Amazon streaming service
    2) Youtube.

    Thoughts on the above would be extremely appreciated.



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    What is the final final delivery?


    Further personal Editing or between colleagues?

    DVD or BluRay?

    Cell Phone? (Then there is MAC . . . )

    Sat/Terrestrial Broadcast delivery?

    Shipping to client for approval?

    One of the many online video sites?

    Streaming or download?


    Repro House?

    Regional variation Delivery?

    In-House projected Delivery?

    In-House server Delivery?

    Cable TV?

    Apologies if I have left out some - I wouldn't be surprised if I had. This exciting technology has mushroomed at such a pace that we are now only limited by the lack of knowledge about the range of delivery available to us - and all of us at that.

    Sit down and draw up a list of what it could be and step back to the process of archiving.

    Asking the question for the BEST format is like saying what is the BEST thing for driving on a motorway - it all depends what it is you are wanting to transport or deliver. And remember, not are delivery formats are then readily available to be edited. AVCHD was always a delivery format. Who'd have thought that at sometime SONY et al would be making higher end cammies that would record the stuff? I hate AVCHD with a passion. Oh yeah and AVCHD is recommended to be transcoded too - and THAT is another delivery format workflow that requires a Delivery format to be adapted for editing! Is this a case of the tail wagging the dog? - I think so. I have some sample AVCHD I got from a seminar I attended last week. Tried to edit this on my QUAD, and is a pain - dropped frame rates with any simple x-cross fades. The guy who presented this had ZEON (?) processors.

    Good question. Many answers.

    NB: I see you have interlaced footage? If so I would attempt to retain this all through the editing and archival and only produced non-interlaced - if required - at the final delivery. Even then, all bets are off if you wish to get the quality of the stuff you are presently seeing.

    NB2: A render of a WMV may look good on your PC, but blown up to 40" may well look pants!

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Some answers on final delivery options:

    Archival? - Original tape

    Further personal Editing or between colleagues? No

    DVD or BluRay? - DVD possibly although web is priority

    Cell Phone? (Then there is MAC . . . ) Not really at present

    Sat/Terrestrial Broadcast delivery? No

    Shipping to client for approval? Yes via memory stick, but would probably do via streaming site such as Youtube or private Amazon setup.

    One of the many online video sites? Yes Youtube and private Amazon setup (using something like Flowplayer)

    Streaming or download? Streaming

    Email? No, only link

    Repro House? No

    Regional variation Delivery? No

    In-House projected Delivery? No

    In-House server Delivery? No

    Cable TV? No

    So as I see it after doing some more experimentation post initial posting:

    a) Capture via AVI as showing in first post. I guess this is uncompressed since it is on miniDV.
    b) Edit AVI. Another NLE package I use seems to use some proxy method (Serif Movieplus X3). Sony Vegas does??
    c) Render out as AVI using PAL DV codec. Movieplus X3 seemed to have all these templates setup. Once I had worked out the details I managed to replicate in Vegas. I think this is the best post edit format.
    d) Render out as WMV if wanting compression.
    e) Flash creation. Use something like Moya Flash Pro to transcode the AVI PAL DV to Flash H264 format.

    My thoughts so far.



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