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    Our first show/video ever! We enjoy making these videos but would like some feedback! Sebastion has been around for a long time making kids crack up! We wanted to share it with the world and pass the laughter on!

    I got another error so here's the link to the actual video and not our channel page.

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    Welcome to the forum, but to start with, this forum is for posting a specific video for feedback. If you post a link to a youtube channel then it can quickly become confusing for which video you which to receive feedback. As different people may be viewing different videos which may result in confusion.

    Well, I viewed fire safety 1 as it was the featured video. I applaud you for trying to do a kids show so let's face it, I'm not the target audience (and no one at this forum will be). I don't want to be too negative but I can't imagine sitting and watching it through even if I was 9 years old. The intro seemed to go on for ages, although it was a nice touch to show different clips and the sort of things that will happen within the shows, but 40 seconds?

    Then the rest of the video was 80% static shot of 2 people sitting behind a desk, would this really entertain and inform children? Yes there were a few inserts, but too much talking. Kids need colour! Which brings me onto my next point...

    From a purely technical view, the video was poorly framed. Eye line generally needs to be approx two thirds up the screen, here they are half way which leaves huge amounts of head room. Maybe you did this because you wanted to get the banner in shot, but thats half cut off at the top anyway! The lighting was terrible, all so very very dark, which just made it look a bit like it was filmed in a basement somewhere. Bringing up the light level would have brought out more colour from the clothing etc and made it look a lot more passable.

    I can't much comment on the content, I just couldn't sit through it. The lisp thing didn't work for me either.

    All I can say is keep trying, learn from feedback and continue to try to improve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clay_9 View Post
    Welcome to the forum, but to start with, this forum is for posting a specific video for feedback.
    Just confirming what Clay_9 says. Could you possibly edit the first post to link directly to one video - I suggest the one Clay_9 has already commented on, then we can concentrate on that.

    By alll means post links to ther videos in other threads. The rule is simple in this section: One video per thread.

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    Sorry, I tried to upload it but it was giving me errors! I will try again.

    Thanks for all the feedback! It helps a lot. We already knew of some problems but it seems like this forum is full of people who know a lot more about this stuff than we do. We know about music but when it comes to making videos, that's a whole new world. We hope to get better because this guy has been entertaining kids locally for awhile and we want to share with others.

    Thanks again!

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