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Thread: Can't Even VIEW tv!! ALL-in-Wonder 9800

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    Default Can't Even VIEW tv!! ALL-in-Wonder 9800

    Dear all,
    I recently got a very powerful computer that included a ATI all-in-wonder 9800 video card. I wanted this so I could watch and eventually record some of the terestial TV. First time I installed it I TV was completely blank, and nothing would show.

    I got a little update from microsoft, and then It found 7 channels, and would show them in a list (As in they would all be shown onscreen at once, so I could see what was on all channels. HOWEVER, when I double clicked and tried to watch them full screen, it went to static (the black and white stuff). I am obviously getting the channels, but they jsut will not show full screen, so I cannot properly watch them. Please help!!

    (For Reference, Specs)
    Shuttle SFF Case
    ATI- ALL-in-wonder 9800 Pro
    AMD Athlon XP 3200
    1 gig ram
    160 gig hd

    P.S. I live in Durham!

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    Default Bump

    Forgot to add that I also bought a signal amplifier which didn't help any. The channels are there, they just won't show full screen.

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    You mentioned you got an update from MS, presumably for windows. Are you running the latest Ati drivers for the All-in-Wonder, if not that should hopefully solve your problem.

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    Default Got All the Latest!

    Thats the thing. I have the latest ATI drivers. The thing form microsoft was not an "update" per say, but rather some special update that let me see the channels, but I can still not properly watch them. Before that little update, I could not see anything.

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    Had the same problem with my AIW 9800 SE when I got it the other day. After doing an "Exhaustive search" it found 7 channels but when i select them I got a brief flash of the channel, then white noise. I found though, that when I did the other search "in urban areas" as an additive search, it found all the channels and they operate correctly, so you might want to give that a try. Also make sure you have "antenna" and "UK" selected.

    Good Luck

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    Default Re: Can't Even VIEW tv!! ALL-in-Wonder 9800

    ATI- ALL-in-wonder 9800 Pro

    U probably got a CD with ATI Multimedia Centre on it. I have 6.2 with my TV wonder TV in/out card with Win 95.

    Ver 7 was for win98/2000. This has the TV drivers, Teletext etc.

    otherwise u can download some driver sform the ATI site but they sometimes refer u to your 'bundled cd' for the TV stuff. Alternatively use google for some personal persons site with the TV drivers on.

    Good luck


    Sharp VLZ1h DV Camcorder,
    Win95 Pii 256 RAM,
    Ati TV Wonder/Rage 32MB Video Card,
    6.4GB Hard drive.

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    Sorry forgot to add that the quality of the aerial and it's connection to the PC TV card and the wall socket is CRITICAL to the signal quality.

    eg use a screw type BNC connector (network card) rather than a standard push on plug, push ons are rubbish.


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