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Thread: Final Cut 7 - Codec, Conversion, and Format in Editing

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    Default Final Cut 7 - Codec, Conversion, and Format in Editing

    a. This isn't necessarily a Mac / Final Cut 7 question. I'm sure someone with a grasp on digital editing concepts can help.

    b. I was given avi files to import into Final Cut for editing. This works fine. I can view them and edit them.
    I have no clue what initial Audio/Video Settings to "Set-Up" Final Cut. The terminology is over my head, so I don't know if I'm importing them properly.

    1. When I import, Final Cut says:
    "The files are not Optimized for use... Either recapture the media or use Media Manager
    to create new copies to improve performance for multi-stream playback."

    I've tried, but have no clue which Codec to choose.
    How do I optimize the files?

    2. The avi files are:
    Vid Rate: 29.97 fps
    Frame Size: 720x480
    Compressor: DV/DVCPRO - NTSC
    Data Rate: 3.6 MB/sec
    Pixel Aspect: NTSC - CCIR 601
    (At least I think these are the avi file properties - I'm not sure if Final Cut modified the file properties upon import (because of the FCP Audio/Video Settings), or if those are actually the properties of the avi file I received from the camera man.)

    The DV was shot in Standard Def, 24P Advanced, 16:9. Should I convert the files back to 24P Advanced before editing? If so, how and why?

    3. Is the avi file a compressed or lower quality video file than the 24P directly from the DV Camera? If I edit with the avi video, can the exported video be used to produce a standard def 16:9 DVD?

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    Here is a suggestion:

    Right click the file in Finder and choose "Open with Compressor".

    Once compressor opens, go to the the settings window bottom left and choose :

    Apple --> Formats --> Quicktime --> Apple ProRes 422, and drag that to the top window and drop it on top of the blue rectangle (it says Drag Settings and Destinations Here).

    Click the Submit button and wait for it to do it's stuff. The new file will be placed in the same directory but will now be transcoded to ProRes 422 which is perfectly suited to editing in FCP.

    Then do what ever you want to do with it

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