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    I am using Intellistudio - built in software to my Samsung U10 camcorder and I am completely new to camcord-ing and editing.
    My question is: when "Editing" my footage, how do I cut bits I don't want out? Its probably the easiest thing to do and I would imagine the first thing everyone should know but how do I physically cut out unwanted footage? ie. What does Trim mean! I though it would be easy to just cut bits out but there is nothing to explain how to do it on the Help section. I though it would be a simple highlight and delete action but apparently not and yes I probably am being very dim!!....

    Any help would be very much appreciated...

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    When you have clicked on the edit button and have your clip on the time line select the clip and press the trim button. A window opens up to set your start and stop points of the clip.

    If you didn't understand that watch this.

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