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Thread: Is there any software that does the following?

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    Default Is there any software that does the following?

    I wonder if there is any software that does the following:
    I have a private video.
    I have another video not confidential.
    I want a program to compare these videos and generate a file from which I can retrieve the video confidential from non-confidential.
    Thank you.

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    Sorry you lost me !

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    Default What?

    Do you not understand?

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    You want to access a private video....?

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    Let me be more clear.
    Suppose I have a video in MPEG, AVI or other format and I want this video to be confidential.
    I could encrypt it, but someone might ask me what it is the encrypted file and I would have to lie.
    Then I thought of a better way to disguise the video:
    A software that compared bit by bit the video file with other video out of suspicion and generates a file in any format, for example, txt.
    Then I could delete the video confidential and could retrieve it with the same software from the video out of suspicion and the file generated by the software.

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    The answer is no, not with any kind of conventional editing software. Try a secret spy forum for this type of thing.

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    Put it on a small flash drive...access it whenever you want. Whatever it is...I see trouble ahead...
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    Wants to hide a secret video but doesn't want to lie about it. Thats mixed up.


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