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Thread: Converting from MPEG to FLV

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    Default Converting from MPEG to FLV

    HI Guys n Gals!

    I need to embed my video files in my site as FLV files. So I have been using the free and great Super FLV converter.
    It worked fine for a 1 minute video. I am now trying to convert a 5 minute file, the same format as before, mpeg to FLV, however, it is making the video playback in slow motion!!! The sound is fine. Please can someone help me because it is doing my head in!!

    Thanks in advance!


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    Just a thought but is there a frame rate setting option. If it's playing in slow mo are you choosing to higher frame rate. ie 50fps when it should be 25fps

    Tip: If at the end of the day you just can't make it work. You can upload the mpeg file to YouTube and they will very kindly convert it to a .flv free of charge. Then you can download the .flv file using a save YouTube site.

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    Hi Midnight Blue,

    Frame rates all correctly set. It is exactly the same as the settings for the 1 minute video I converted which came out exactly as the original. Could it be something to do with it being an MPEG? I am going to render the original file as an avi and then convert it to FLV. I have had the slow motion issue on two separate coverters now.

    Really starting to pull my hair out here because I need to be able to have high quality flash videos.

    What to do? I have downloaded Riva, Super FLV, and DVD Videosoft.

    It is so weird that it works perfectly on the 1 minute video.

    If anyone knows of a shit hot program that converts into FLV please let me know. I don't want to have to shell out loads at Adobe : (

    Thanks for all your help


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    Sorry Midnight Blue,

    Also I couldn't see how to use Youtube to convert and then download the file?
    My vids on youtube can be downloaded under my user as an mpeg4.

    Once again thanks for all who take a look at my queries.

    I had trouble getting back in to this site after a long while. It is such a fantastic resource for advice and as we all know working as a cameraman/editor can be a lonely old place. Its great to have a place with people in the same situation.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjibum View Post
    Sorry Midnight Blue,
    Also I couldn't see how to use YouTube to convert and then download the file?
    My vids on YouTube can be downloaded under my user as an mpeg4.
    If you get the URL of the YouTube video and put it into the URL box on THIS SITE then click on the down load button it will then give you the option to download the .flv, HD, HQ or mpeg4. Choose HD as this will give you the best quality file if available. It will then download the .flv file to your computer.

    I have only ever used Super to convert .flv to .avi so I can't help you with the conversion problem. So if you can't solve it you have the option to do the above.

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    HI Midnight Blue,

    Thanks for that, definitely will use that if this doesn't work!

    Really odd thing is occurring. I am using Super to convert to FLV. It is only happening to this particular MPEG, just tried converting another file and it was perfect?! Really odd. I am now trying to produce the 'problem' file as an avi type 1 and see if that will convert properly.

    If not I will use the site you suggested. Although last time I uploaded this 'problem' file to youtube it took 3 hours to upload, for a 5 minute video around 3.5MB (weird!)

    Will let you know how I get on.

    Thanks again

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    Have you tried using Gspot to see if there is anything funny about the mpeg file.

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    u can use for converting Video to flash Converter PRO.

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    What happens to the audio when the slowdown occurs? Does it change speed; or does the audio simply end a long time before the video ends?

    Whilst it may sound absurd, are you able to convert the MPEG into an MPEG? Perhaps the converted correctly read a strange MPEG; but output a one which can then be used to convert to FLV.

    As MidnightBlue recommended, Gpot may find the answer. And I look forward to hearing how the problem is resolved.

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