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    I am using Sony Vegas 8 to edit an Easter video from a local church. I have 2 video tracks and 3 audio tracks. I was almost done with the main part of the video and about to render it when the video from the second video track disappeared, however the audio is still there. The original raw file is also still in my project media box and I haven't moved any of the files at all. I would like to fix this without having to re-edit all of the video again. If anyone has a quick solution to this I'm all ears. Thanks!

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    I believe Vegas does an automatic back up of the veg file so you can do a search for a file called "youprojectname.veg.bak".

    youprojectname = what ever you called your project.

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    I already checked the backup. Since I didn't notice the video missing until after I had saved it then the backup was no help since it's a copy of the original file.

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    I am trying to import a video into flash, and edit before importing. When importing the video the edit before importing option is fadded out and it tells me that the codec in the video file does not support editing. We have edited the video before on other computers in the office without issue. Does anyone have an idea as to what I may be missing? Thanks!
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