Well i actually dont need a decrypter program for removing decrypt-protection on the disk of mine...i need to someway sepparate the 2 movies @ the same DVD:r with menus!

All i know is that i would like to have another solution than this program-code you probably are familiar with

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this interface i have seen in atleast 2 softwares i have tested,
the problem with this technique area in my case that one of the VOBS where both movies ends vs the next mov start succeding to not cover in "the between area" into a "cell"
so im getting 1 movie and 15 seconds on the other movie in the output!
this leaves me being forced to micromanagment-cutt-sepparate the output with a secondary software before i can even take the VOB to Gordian knot for example

and it doenst make it easier when the 2 movies are splitted up in chapters between all 4 PGC-segment you can see in my picture, that must mean that i not only must separate the movies first..i must after re-join the VOB parts together with a secondary soft, when thats complete then first i have 1 single VOB containing the whole movie, beacuse encoding softwares like Gordian Knot only can accept 1 input :devil:

My fear are that for example "Boilsoft video splitter and joiner" have decreased the quality of the Vob-parts (it acctually accept vob-inputs) this is not smooth at all in any case,
i would need a software that could sepparate the 2 dvd-movies moore accurate than DVD-decrypter, and it would be nice if it allso could merge each movie into 1 output file only, instead of parts

Does this software exist somewhere?