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    I'm starting out as a videographer making music videos and just wondered what sort of lighting kit I should invest in first? I'll be filming on Panasonic Pros and my old Canon XM2. I'll be filming the bands in the recording studio rooms. I'll be looking at the budget end of filming to start of with, a couple of hundred quid or so.

    Robert Martin Kelly
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    Hi Rob, May be you could look at THIS SITE as these seem to be around your current budget. But I would recommend reading the info about lighting written by Gaffer in these forums to give you a general out look on the subject.

    I've been using Work lights form Screwfix. Which have there place but I'm going to have to get something a little more subtle for future projects. After using these, hotter than the sun, lights I would love to go for LEDs but I'm very weary of buying stuff that is to cheep as it may be just rubbish but there's no way I can afford the really good stuff.

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