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    All right, I'm looking for some clarification and a solution here. What I want to do, have a bunch of short, 5 second videos that I could put in a loop, so that they would play over and over until I told it to stop (with a remote.) What I'd like to do (if there's an easier way please, do tell) is go from that loop into another loop of 5 second videos. I was thinking I could use menu's to accomplish this. I'd have loop 1 playing, and in the corner there would be a button I could click with the remote that could transition me to loop 2 playing, and so on and so forth. I haven't experimented with this yet, and probably won't for a week or two, but I'd like to learn soon, because there is a deadline.

    Sorry if this is really vague/confusing, I'm finding a hard way to put my thoughts into words... feel free to ask questions.

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    Easy enough to do - presuming you mean this as a DVD.

    Posting here I;m presuming you have Premiere pro and encore right?

    Jst se a bit of lateral thinking on your DVD. On a DVD you can NOT have clickable buttons while watchign yor movie. Not one bit. hard luck. But...

    You can have clickable buttons on a DVD menu so just make your movies the background video of a menu page then the movie will run and loop until th ebutton is pressed taking you to the next menu (secretly yor content). Get my drift?

    let us know how it comes out.


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    That sounds a lot like something I was going for. I'm thinking it will probably work out nicely, so I'll get to work on that this week. So I should be able to use as many menu's as I want right?

    I'll let ya know how that goes, and if I come up with any more problems/questions

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    I've got a limited amount of time to do this, so I apologize for the questions.
    I have the concept of what you said down, but I don't know how to go about doing this. Am I working with all the menu's in Encore? So do I get all my footage and edit it in Premiere, then export it to Encore? Then how do I go about getting the video in the background of the menu?

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