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Thread: Hi , New to the forum :)

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    Default Hi , New to the forum :)

    Hello fellow film makers, i am not Mark Apsolon, I am Tony King His opening greeting is stuck in my head after watching his entire video tricks and tips collection until 3 am this morning.

    I am and always have been since a young age, interested in the magic of film. I yearned to be able to get a video camera and start to make something, anything, and by the time i had started to practice Parkour, i had the camera, the pc and the subject to start.

    My films, mostly short, some very short have been of either Parkour or me being silly on camera, a joke between other friends who practice the sport and whom i mainly shared my video's with.

    I soon started to taste the buzz of editing my films the way i wanted them, sometimes taking me through the night in an obsessional maelstrom of perfectionism, and the elation of the look of my finished work, which i usually will watch repeatedly for quite some time after finishing

    Admitted, my films are crude in the department of film quality mainly due to having a pc with very little ram at the time and being a complete beginner but i did gain a kind of recognition from people that i hadn't counted on when making them.

    So anyway i stopped making my films for a while and then whilst doing a lil soul searching as to why i am actually here on the planet, i realised that this was something i want to take further. This realisation was accompanied with a burning desire to make something of much better quality and content, i study the great film makers like Kubrick and Lynch and aspire to make something of equal greatness ( as im sure most of us do ) with my mini dv camera and tripod lol.

    So after at least trying to come back down to earth and be a little realistic at best, i find myself at the very begginings of my first short film thats not Parkour related and that is of better viewing quality, but, am having trouble finding a subject worthy of the work that i want to put into it.

    I am hoping to be inspired by the content of this forum, and i am truly honoured to be amongst other aspiring film makers. Tony
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    Welcome to the forum Tony, I see you have video in your soul. I was like you 6 or 7 months ago. I joined this forum to help me make my first short movie. Before joining I had only ever done stuff days out birthdays etc. With the help from people in the forum and a steep learning curve I've just finished my first piece. You'll find it in the user Videos section. Which is a really good place to learn things.

    For the sack of your health may be you should cut down on the Mark Apsolon videos for a while.

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    Mark Apsolon....Who's he??????????????????????

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    He does video tutorials on YouTube.

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    Its was a tongue in cheek slightly sarcastic comment Middy. Me and my sick sense of humour.......Oh dear!!!!!

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