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    I'm considering buying a new hd camcorder. I like to take videos and edit them on my mac in imovie or final cut. Is there a way to burn dvds of hd video? Will it even matter if i upgrade my camcorder, because either way i want to edit it on my computer before viewing it.

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    You can't burn HD files on to a SD DVD except as data files. You have to burn a Blue Ray disk to get true HD media disks. I did read a thread on here which mentioned a load of complexites about type 1 or type 5 disks or some thing but the rule of thumb is the above.

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    What you can sometimes do is edit the hd material into an HD movie and then export it back into your camcorder, then use your camcorder to play the movie on your HD television.

    Each camcorder is different though and it's quite a topic!

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    You can burn Blu-ray video to SD DVDs, though you get much less playing time. None of the apps do it directly though. I created ISO files from Encore then burned the ISO file to a DVD. I've done it on a couple of occasions for 5 min programs and they play fine on my Blu-ray player. If you need longer than that then you need to look in to Blu-ray.

    Alternatively, just watch them on the Mac or hook your TV to the Mac for playback. HD video can also be uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo.


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