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Thread: samsung U10 and Intellistudio

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    I have recently bought a Samsung U10 HD camera, it is my first ever camcorder so I am completely clueless and new at all this...
    Anyhoo, my first question for anyone who could help or advise me is:

    When I connect camcorder to pc to transfer/playback, the picture is always noticeably behind the sound - I am thinking because it records in HD but I cannot play it on my PC in HD? I have tried it on my laptop which is only 6 months old too but its the same. Do I need to alter the resolution I record in? Or can I overcome this problem by doing something to the PC?

    And, I can't make any sense of the "Easy to use" intellistudio inbuilt software.... I want to be able to email clips to friends etc but can't seem to cut bits out or make them shorter... as you can tell I'm completely new at this!

    Can anybody help me out??

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    American spec' version records 30 frames per second. British records 25. Check which you have. If you play 30 frames on a program expecting 25 then it can have a slightly slow motion appearance, and the sound may finish ahead of the picture.
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