I Sincerely hope you have a great day. I would try not to ruin it for you, but I have a question, and it has been driving me mad trying to answer it myself. Therefore, I turn to you, much more educated in the field then Iam. I would be so thankful for a little input on this one.

I am editing a movie, at this very moment. Final output will be on DVD and as streaming Vimeo presentation. Some of the songs witch I am using were not possible to get hold of on any other places then Spotify. I have been using Replay Music to rip them, this with great results. (I am mighty aware of the fact that I do not own the license to any of these song, but since my project is very modest and not commercial in any way I hope you can oversee this).

When previewing my edit, I cant stop thinking about that i MIGHT loose quality when recording from spotify. I understand that a certain loss is unavoidable, but I dont want to loose to much, and I dont trust my own ears.

My question to you is as following; How much (and in witch aspects) is my audio quality suffering when ripping songs from Spotify with Replay Music software, compared to say, using a downloaded mp3? The final project will be downmixed to a MPEG 2 for DVD production, and part of me suspect that the audio compression done here will make the difference between, say a regular bitrate mp3, and a spotify rip, insignificant. Am I right? I am definitely not looking for a superb audio result (otherwise I wouldn't touch either mp3s or Spotify rips). Just an ok audio experience.

I would be for ever thankful for some tips!

Have a great day!