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Thread: how to add HD video to a standard video project and not scale the HD

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    Default how to add HD video to a standard video project and not scale the HD

    I am working on a standard video project that I want to add some HD video into.. but I don't want to scale them to the project, I want to be able to slowly pan the video across the screen... giving me a little more motion for some very basic scenery shots.
    Can anyone tell me how I add the video so that it fill and bleeds past the video window?

    help is greatly appreciated

    (I have vegas studio9 platinum)

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    Use the pan and crop tool on the clips.
    Shrink the "F" box so that it shows only part of the image. Move the pan and crop timeline ciursor a few seconds and move the "F" box to a new location.
    You've just created two keyframes.
    The area displayed (or cropped) will move smoothly from the position defined with the first keyframe to the second.

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