Our Film of the Month for April, BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS, is available for viewing, along with this month’s Critics Choice selections reviewed by the respected FutureMovies review site. Preview clips of these films are available on our site and you can download them for keeps from just 65p, with generous discounts if you buy more than five films at the same time.
THE MOUSE THAT TEASED THE WIND Dark, off-kilter comedy-horror directed by stand-up comic and occasional filmmaker Dan Evans.
CHIMERA Wracked with guilt following the disappearance of a 17-year-old girl under his supervision, a social worker undergoes hypnosis to control his aggression.
IMMORTAL COIL On a snow-swept planet in the distant future, two cyborg species wage a pre-programmed war for eternal life. Andrew Purtell’s 2004 animation stands up exceptionally well to scrutiny post-Avatar.
CITY LIGHTS Four-piece outfit, Bodymachine! won the Tech Music Schools 2009 ‘Demo Review’ and this striking low-budget video shoot was the prize.
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