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Thread: Scene Detect Caused a Windows Reinstall

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    Default Scene Detect Caused a Windows Reinstall

    Hi, I just would like to share my experience using scene detection in PPro 1.5, so maybe someone might be able to explain why what happened happened.

    I've been using 1.5 for several months now, and have been extremely happy with it - made my 1st baptism DVD for a friend with it. I'm still continuing to learn its finer points, as well as some tips & tricks with the help of forums such as this, as well as tutorials from other sources.

    I thought it was time I tried scene detction since I was already familiar with its concept, just haven't actually utilized it. Its principle is really simple...everytime you use your camera -record and pause/stop, record and pause/stop-PPro recognizes those recording points & stop points and appropriately captures the scenes based on those points. So if you pressed record & stop on your camera 30 times, PPro will create 30 different shots or scenes. PPro will number those shots sequentially, in my case I just put "shot_" & PPro captured the scenes as "shot_1, shot_2", etc.

    So I had everything set, tape rewound to the beginning, everything configured correctly - device control etc., ticked the scene detect box, then clikced on the red capture button (all these are in the capture window)...everything was working smoothly & as I expected it. PPro detected each break in recording on the tape, captured & labelled the shots accordingly.

    It finally came to shot_89 that turned out to be the final take, then a message popped up saying that there was an error - something like scene detect needs the 'time & date of the tape to complete its process. Problem is, I didn't set any time/date on the tape coz I didn't want it to appear on the screen when shooting video. I'm not definite if that's what the pop up meant, but in any case I had no other option but to click "ok" on the pop up message. I did, thinking that all my work will be lost but surprisingly, the captured clips are still there & are also in my project folder.

    So, thinking that everything turned out ok, I turned off the camera, disconnected the firewire connection, left for a while to take a leak, but when I got back PPro is not responding, it just froze. Tried ctrl-alt-del, nothing...tried a hard restart, & that's when windows unravelled. It just wouldn't boot anymore no matter what I did, tried a repair install,no go. Had to wipe out the system drive & do a fresh install.

    I just couldn't imagine an effect so drastic that it had to come to a fresh install of windows. When I've reinstalled all my programs, I checked that the footages I've captured via scene detect are intact, & they can be used. I just couldn't figure out what happened & how it happened. I'm just guessing that I shouldn't have unplugged the camera & firewire just yet when I thought the operation was done. The pop up warning is probably key to this. PPro probably wasn't finished yet when I started unplugging stuff.

    Funny thing is, I've never had problems with it before, have captured many footages already. It was only this time when I used scene detect & that error popped up. I'm only guessing if this would have happened if I had the time & date activated when I shot the footages.

    I only tried scene detect coz 1. it's there & it seemed harmless, 2. I figured i could save my videocam some wear & tear from those constant forwarding/rewinding & cueing done in the usuall batch capture or capture-as-you-view-methods.

    Don't get me wrong, I still believe in the practical use of scene detection (especially when your pressed for time), I'm just dying to know what caused the system crash.

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    Fascinating stuff - thanks for sharing. My heart goes out to you... I've never messed with scene detection, although have often been tempted. It'll be interesting to see what the other guys say. FWIW, I'd guess your problem is indeed related to removing the camera before Premiere had finished - although screwing up to the extent it did is unbelievable.
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    Thanks from me, too. Been thinking of using it to minimise wear & tear on the camís tape transport. But I do a few takes of most scenes, (and shoot a lot of crap) so Iíve always just selected them during capture.

    Iíll bear this in mind. Sounds like it was a long capture, then? Iíll try do it in short sessions, and see how it behaves. Glad you got back on an even keel, anyway.

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