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Thread: Mixing 2 videos on one...

  1. Default Mixing 2 videos on one...

    Hello guys and gals.

    I'm not an owner yet of Adobe After Effects but I just learned that you can actually mix 2 feeds into one like the following:

    Question is, is there a step by step on how to do that?
    Is it difficult?
    I would definitely buy this piece of software if it's easy to do (I mean, I know it will take time -- as a newbie music editor still using Cubase SX3 -- but is it doable?)

    Any comments or suggestions feel free to comment.


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    I think:

    I suspect several video editing applications could manage it. The given example is very easy as the two players do not cross each other. In effect, the 2 videos are simply displayed side by side.

    More advanced systems (such as After Effects) have features to perform "Rotoscoping". Instead of the videos being separated by a single horizontal line (as in the example video); selected parts of the video can masked and then overlaid. This would allow, for example, one player to walk across the room and appear to be moving in front of the other player.

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    Like Tim said this example is very simple. All you have to do is position the camera on a tripod so it will fit both people in the shot. AND DON'T MOVE IT.

    Shoot the fist person. Then move into the other position and shoot the second one. Now the easy part. Put the two track in the editing program one above the other and sync them up time wise and chop the top track until you have both people in view. Because you didn't move the camera the background will look like one shot.

    The specifics on how to do it will vary depending on your editing program.

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    That "sounds" easy enough. And yes, I'm not planning on having someone going across the other so I don't believe I'll need that "rotoscoping" thing to "cut" me out or something that difficult. Just side by side.
    And although it sounds easy, is it just a matter of placing the 2 different videos (the left side and the right side) on a timeline and cropping? Does this "technique" have a name? I'll see if I can try it on AE but if you have an easy link to a tutorial or something that'd be nice. (I could look for it in the Adobe web pages but I don't know what to look for...)


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    Ok... so that's the most I could do in a short time. (see attachment)

    I'm a complete n00b so... just used Adobe After Effects.
    Imported 2 different videos in a compilation.
    Then I tried to put them up to par in the timeline (listening to the audio)
    After that I did not know what to do!
    So I added 2 masks (1 for each video), created like a rectangle shape for one side and started lowering the transparency... but I'm not sure how I can just get one side of each so that they don't look like ghosts! lol

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    You did not follow MB's instruction to "chop the top track until you have both people in view".

    In After Effects terms this can be done by adding a mask to the top track. Then manually adjust the position of the mask so it covers the area used by the first person.

    Don't apply the mask all over the top track. Don't apply a mask to the bottom track. Don't fiddle with your opacities.

    For this effect, AE is a huge and expensive tool. Adobe's site describes amazing other effects of using masks. For example, by graduating the mask, the effect can appear seamless.

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    Well done for having a go. The term for this technique is called "split screen" If you google "How to do a split screen in Affter Effects". You will get some tutorials. .

    Have fun.

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    Tim, Midnight, thanks for taking the time and commenting/posting on this. Everyday learning something! I'll give this a try and see how it goes. I don't think I'll get into more complicated tasks... but this should be doable!

    Thanks again, I'll let you know how it goes.!

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    Ok, so I finally set time apart to check into this and recorded just a short chorus because I'm pretty sure a longer song would probably take me long (more takes are imminent!) ... Anyway, success!


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    Well done, you seem to have mastered that. The next thing I would aim for if I was you is to see if you can record the sound a bit better. Some how get the mics nearer would help this would mean having a separate microphone. If you don't have one you could try recording the sound through the video close up and then just using that sound match it up with the visuals. That's not the best way to do it but it would be better than nothing.

    Good luck.

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