Just joined! I hope the folks here are friendly. The other forum I was in was less than helpful with regard to new people...

I have Canon 1DMKIV and a Canon S100 video camera.

I work as a still photographer, however, have recently been asked to supply short video footage (wildlife behavior based).

I have to maintain the quality of the video, however, have become lost as to how to do this.

Which is the most useful video format to use?

I note the MKIV video files are .MOV files and they seem very sharp and well defined - excellent. However, the S100 files which are exported by quick time in I-movie are less than optimal.

Can someone guide me to which files I should be exporting as to maintain the highest quality possible?

I find it odd that the MKIV and the S100 both have the same video quality output, but the end result files look very low qaulity coming from the S100 in comparison to the MKIV .MOV files.

I use MAC with i-movie (which maybe the problem - i-movie I mean).