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Thread: Green preview screen problem !

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    Default Green preview screen problem !


    first, sorry for my bad english, however i'm gonna tryin to explain you the problem i encounter with the preview screen of adobe premiere pro (as clearly as my english level let it to be clear...aiai)

    since i updated premiere pro, i got this green effect on the preview screen ! if i click on the preview screen, the image green effect disappear

    here you are a screenshot : (left image is bad image, right image only if i click on the preview screen is good)

    and after exporting video (encoding process) the film is perfect...(not even a trace of green )

    my videocard drivers are up to date.(onboard/integrated chipset videocard intel 965 => i know, that's awful but i work on my laptop just for small video editing....i swear !)

    Do you have any idea ?

    thanks a lot,


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    Default try rolling back drivers

    It still sounds like a driver issue to me (if it is rendering out correctly in the end) If you can, try to rollback your drivers to an older version. Sometimes the newer drivers are the issue and you will need to wait for another release before they get fixed. Rolling back the drivers a version or two might at least allow you to get the green to go away.

    Good luck!


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