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Thread: My HD video of Racing Festival in Copenhagen (incl. Bugatti Veyron)

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    Default My HD video of Racing Festival in Copenhagen (incl. Bugatti Veyron)

    Hi everyone!

    I made this video a week ago:

    The slowmotion is not so good. It was shot at 24 fps...(Canon 5D mkii). 7D would have been better at those parts of the video

    The video is edited on iMac in iMovie. The stills are made with Photoshop and lightroom...

    Hope you will enjoy it anyway! Remember to crank up the sound...nice soundtrack...IMO

    Best regards
    Mads Dreier

    Mads Dreier Photography
    Mads Dreier Photography | Facebook

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    The visuals are very nice. You can tell your more of a stills man than a video man.

    The editing seemed a bit disjointed to me and I'd try and stay clear of the funky transitions. The music worked well and it was nice to have the real sound of the cars along with the music track.

    The stylised visuals was the strong point of the piece.

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    I agree completely with MB. Some excellent visuals, but more suited to stills than video. I'd have liked to see much more of a variety in shots, composition and pace to keep viewer interest.

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    It became a bit "samey" for me. Transitions is not the way to go to try to addvariety. Unfortunately the only way to get the variety of shots to make this maintain interest it to be able to get around to different pats of the track & pits - not something that's easy to do.
    I have to say the music became very annoying after a minute or two. And it didn't really (in my opinion) suit the visual material.

    Aside from that, what we had was generally well shot and I really liked the colours.

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    nice colour grading

    too much slo mo action for me im afraid so for that it didnt keep my attention, and i'm a petrol head!

    was slightly disturbed to see the shell petrol tanker parked by the circuit in your opening shot

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