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Thread: Newbie needs help with video recording on dvd

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    Default Newbie needs help with video recording on dvd

    Hi. I'm new with video editing and I need some help in making a slideshow containing pics and clips of my baby. My camera records video in mov file. I use Window Movie maker to make my movie.

    Here are my questions. I hope someone can help.
    1. WMM doesn't seem to play mov file well. It makes it sound like a Chimpmunk. Therefore I need to convert this. Which is the best file format to do this. I'm confused with so many formats.

    2. Does converting formats reduce the quality of the video?

    3. From Window Movie Maker I will need to burn this to a DVD to play on TV/DVD player. It seems WMM maker saves in WMV file and this won't play on the dvd player. So I have to convert again. I have tested converting to MPeg2. Is this a good one or it loses quality again. Another option I was told is to use Windows DVD Maker. Is this a better option? I don't know what format the Win DVD makes.

    Thanks in advance

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    1. .AVI would be the best format for you
    2. It can do depending on the settings one conversion shouldn't make a great deal of difference in quality. If it does you haven't got the right settings. Try and duplicate your original footage.
    3. MPEG2 is the only formate you can use to create a DVD.

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    My video converter is has several options under AVI---- xvid, divx 50, divx 40, h264, mpeg4 v2, mpeg4, wmv, mjpeg, lossless raw, lossless huffyuv. Which one is the best? I have no idea of their differences.


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    For editing you will be best using a lossless .avi formate like the last 2 in your list. This will give you the best quality. When you have finished editing and are ready to burn your DVD, the mpeg2 format will be used by your DVD burning software. So you can either finish your project in an mpeg2 format or sometimes the DVD software will convert it for you.

    I hope this answers your question.

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    I tried using the Lossless options but it made the file so huge.

    Someone told me to check also bit rate. I have no idea what this is. But I did look into the properties and saw it. Using the lossless made those bit rate reduce significantly.

    Should I find a file that will be as close to the original bit rate as possible? I saw there is bit rate for audio and video. There is also frame rate. In my converter I think there is a possibility of manually typing the figure. Should I type in a figure that is the same as the original video?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Staying a close to the original as possible will give you the best quality result. That is size, bit rate, frame rate everything. It means you are getting as close to the original as possible. The down side of this is that the files can be huge. You have make your own judgement about the balance between files size and quality.

    Remember you will only need to keep these huge files until you have finished editing your project. You can then copy the files to your usual backup drives. Remember to burn the project on to a DVD you have to compress the files by rendering in a mpeg2 format.

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