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Thread: Poor sound quality AFTER "capturing" using firewir

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    Default Poor sound quality AFTER "capturing" using firewir

    Hi, I have a Sony TRV-33 camcorder and I want to transfer the audio & video data to my computer. I have a problem regarding the sound quality after capturing (or should I say copying?) the data from the MiniDV to the computer. The sound is good when I listen to it using earphones plugged directly into the camcorder. However, when I transfer the audio & video to the computer, the sound often is "cracky".

    An example of it can be downloaded here. The piano sounds very poor here, but on the tape it's recorderd fine. So, it's not a microphone problem.

    My system is a laptop, Jewel 2780, AMD 2400+, 512MB
    The camcorder is a Sony TRV-33.

    The video seems to be copied quite well. There is 0% frame loss, so the data stream seems to be all right. I searched for hours, but I could nowhere find a similar problem, and I hope someone here could tell me a possible cause or solution.

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    It only crackles at periods where the volume level is high. Try reducing the overall volume level in post processing. This has worked for another member of the forum with exactly the same problem - playback ay any level after encoding resulted in no "crackles".
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    Just had a go with Premiere Pro, and it didn't completely eradicate the problem. The file you provided is MPEG4 video and MP3 audio. Is the sound better or worse than you captured DV AVI?
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    Thanks for you're reactions.

    About volume: when I plugin the earphone in the camera, the sound is good, no cracks. Therefore, I think the sound is not saturated, otherwise the cracks should also be hearable when I listen to it using the camcorder, shouldn't it?

    Directly after capturing (which should be lossless), the cracks are there. When I capture in Pinnacle Studio, Moviemaker or Premiere, the captured movies all have cracks within these programs immediately, without having done any post-processing.

    The MP3 coded sounds (almost) exactly the same as the captured DV. I compressed it to reduce the download size, but it's a good representation to show the problem. The video doesn't matter, therefore I compressed strongly using MPEG4, but I could also have left out the video, because there's no problem there

    I think something goes wrong while capturing, but I have no idea what it can be... Anyone?

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    i notice capturing through my USB my sound comes out like a low bps mp3 file, it has some techy grainyness to the sound, its not clear or perfect, it sounds compressed, but I think its from using USB2.0 ... in your case, i would turn down the audio input, because you can always increase it, it is digital! I'm assuming your audio comes in on the firewire card? did you try pluging in the a/v cord to the camera and pluging the video end into the line-in on your sond card? Its a bit more work than just doing it all at once but if fixes your problem, well then there you go! I would think snycing the vid and aud would be a problem, I wonder if there is capturing software that opts for the LINEIN versus the firewire card for audio and syncs it. Or have you done all this already?
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    Problem found... It's not the capturing that goes wrong. It is a conincedence, but on both my own computers the sound is "horrible", but now I heard the sound on another computer, and... the cracks were (mainly) gone. So, it's mainly a playing problem, not a capture problem... Well, sorry for bothering you, but how could I know both my computers were bad at playing this kind of sounds? I have a Sound Blaster Live, so I would think that's no problem... But may be it's an exotic codec that causes the cracks...

    The sound is still not very good on the other computer, but turning down volume, buying an external microphone etc. will probably make it "perfect". Thanks for your advices anyway!

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    Always good to see a solution
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    This might be a sample rate issue then.

    Do you have settings on your camera for the digital sample rate for audio? Is it 48KHz? Maybe try setting it to 44.1KHz instead, that's CD quality anyway, and will perhaps be friendlier with your sound hardware.

    Or the other way around of course!

    The Creative soundblaster should be able to handle 48KHz but may need the right kind of tweaking to be persuaded to play it faithfully...


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