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Thread: Good at video editing? I want to hire you.

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    Default Good at video editing? I want to hire you.

    I need to find someone who is good at video editing to help me out (in exchange for some money of course).

    I am an avid music video collector, and it is vital to my career that I continue to collect many music videos and store them on my iPod (which can then be connected to a TV, etc etc). I buy many from the iTunes store, but iTunes has a very limited selection and I find myself having to download high quality video files and convert them very often. But with some on the videos I download and convert, there are problems.

    I need to find somebody who can do the following two things:

    1. Sync audio with video correctly when it is off by a bit.
    2. Replace the audio of a video completely with a new audio file, and then sync the new one with the video correctly.

    I have a list of music videos, each needing one of these things done to it. I would provide the video files, and the new audio files if needed. I just need someone else to fix everything up.

    I know this would be very easy for some people, so here's a chance to make some extra money! I would pay you via PayPal after each video has been fixed, and then contact you when I need your services again.
    So who is up for the job?

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    Default I would love to

    I would enjoy helping you out with your project. If you could send me an email at
    we could talk further about what you need done. I hope i can help, and I have alot of free time so no worries about time.

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    Bump! I still need to find somebody to help! The person above stopped responding to my e-mails completely for some reason! Please reply here!

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    Bump again! Come on guys, this is a nice and easy way to make money!

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    Yo, I believe I can help with this, drop me an email at if you'd like to give me all the infortmation so we can work together.


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    hey chase, send me a pm and we'll exchange email addresses. I wouldn't feel right posting an email address in an open forum.

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