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Thread: PLEASE HELP , Juddery problem

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    Default PLEASE HELP , Juddery problem

    hey all. Ive been using movie maker 2 to capture, edit and export to dv tape. When i first view the raw footage on tv and pc it looks fine.
    The problem is that after ive edited on mm2 and exported back to tape the footage on my tv looks kinda juddery, like the clips on one of those crappy home movie shows.
    Even the clips i didnt edit have the juddery look.

    (note was all captured and exported with DV-AVI setting)

    So...iinstead i changed the setting to "high quality movie PAL", i then exported , it lost a little quality but that juddery look wasnt there.
    can anyone help ?

    thanks, sorry if this is unclear, feel free to ask any questions.

    p.s the juddery look seems to be more on moving shots.

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    Does the "juddery" footage have lines going down it like a tooth comb?

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    no it doesnt, the footage has a "cheap" look to it if you understand?
    maybe an interlacing problem?

    the only other thing i can think of: is there any type of compression/file type that has the same quality as an avi file?

    if so maybe i could give that a try , because as i said when its converted to a wmv file it looks fine but drops quality.

    I read somewhere that the computer leaves AVI files interlaced, and it only de-interlaces them when they are converted to wmv? could this be the problem

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    Wooah, take a step back

    DV AVI doesn't use heavy compression and runs at a bitrate of 25M/bits per second with typically interlaced frames. WMV uses HEAVY compression and, depending on the birate, you will see a physiucal deteriation in quality.

    You can either up the bitrate of your WMV file, or leave the output as DV AVI.

    What is your target distribution method? DVD, web or PC?

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    at the moment its transfer movie back to dv tape, then record onto a vhs cassete.

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    now im EXTREMLY confused, yet happy...

    was playing around and i changed the setting on mm2 to NTSC just to see what would happen...then opened my video and exported it and everything is perfect! although there was more interlacing on the pc screen, once it was on tv there were no judders or anything!

    this is quite a surpise as i live in the Uk and i thought we used PAL?
    and i brought my cam from a shop in the Uk aswell!

    can anyone shed any light?

    whatever the explanation im happy as i have no more judders!

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    At a complete loss to explain that...

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    Is it at all possible - and I'm talking off the top of my head here (rather than out of my a**e, which is my favoured method of communication) that somehow, you've managed to import PAL footage but told your editing package that you're working in NTSC and want to output NTSC? There are many nasty packages out there, as I know from bitter experience, that are set to NTSC as the default and it can be a bugger to find all the switches to turn off. Just a - very random - thought.
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