Hi guys!

I am just an amature video editor, so I need some help trying to figure out how to use a feature for video editing. I have Studio 14 HD. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

I want to have a video overlay on a video....not sure if that is the correct term(s), but kinda like this:

I want something like that; a gauge filling up to the end, ENGLISH text in the actual bars (which I can edit, so I can put anything I want). I want total control of everything, how fast the blue gauge fills, what it says, the individual slot movement, ect.

Also want to know if I can make the cursor (the white glove in this case) move like that, so I can tell it where to go as I edit.

Also would like to know if the above solution is also the same as adding an Xbox 360 achievement notification.

This is all assuming I have the correct software.

Thanks regardless of any future solution, and thanks for taking the time for reading my post. Heres to hoping! I would also like to know what the proper name of this process is called, unless it is really called video on video?