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    Hi Guys,

    I just finished a final project for my Fine Arts Cultural Studies class. We shot a pastiche/mockumentary film, entitled "Shad-Jack: World's Best Dancer".

    I only did the editing on this, I wasn't present with the shooting, and I still don't know why they didn't ask for my boom mic !?#@ lol. \ current projects

    The film is about a man and his aspiring goal to become the 'world's best dancer' . . . actually, he already is. Shot as a mockumentary, Shadrack Jackman tries to explore his inner self. Apparently in some modern pastiche kind of way.

    "How much do you dance?"

    Shot on the Nikon D90, puke, nikon. what a great camera! 24fps, 720p. Not sure on the lens. Most of the colour grading and correction done with Magic Bullet Looks. Edited in Premiere CS3.
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    Well Mark, the editing was fine but the sound put me off so much I couldn't watch it all. In the credits I see there was a separate sound editor. If I was you I would have bypassed him and fixed the sound myself.

    It's also far to long for the one joke. Don't get me wrong it was a good idea but I feel it wasn't expanded on enough.

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    It started promisingly enough. Very stylised. I managed to get beyond the dreadful sound. Very much in the vein of these interviews where some supposed computer is asking the questions (or at least we don't see/hear the interviewer). The switching between the interview clips and the "street" clips was in the same style.
    Very effective .....

    ..... for about a minute and a half. But then where did it go?

    Just more of the same and I'm afraid I bailed after about 4 minutes as I didnt see it developing.

    I guess you may take this as more of a comment on the writing & directing than the editing. But if I'd been editing, I'd have edited it down to about 2 mins.

    As midnight says - far too long for one joke.

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